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Genesis Collection

Contest and Showcase


The Fashion DAO is co-creating an inclusive and innovative genesis collection to showcase during NFT.NYC with designers of all background.

The collection will be curated selectively from all submissions to be showcased and sold physically and virtually at The Fashion DAO events.

One of the selections will create TFD’s 1st ever PFP collection and token and you can be on the smart contract along with the core team.

The contributors to the winning art will have the opportunity to join TFD's core team, showcase their whole portfolio at various events and fashion shows organized by TFD and partners.

The goal is to design an aesthetically pleasing accessory (mask, hat, …) for collarbone area or above so it can be overlaid on any image of a person or PFP.

Process: upload your entries along with your application here before March 31st:

Selection criteria:

1- Utilize TFD designer network or your personal network to collaborate with a team of experts and create various forms and utilities of assets for each of your entries: AR filter, AI concept art, 3d asset, fashion illustration, …

2- share the story behind your creation while submission. We want to hear your thoughtful process. We will evaluate the deliverable and the story based on our core values: 

  • Collaboration and co-creation

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Creativity & innovation

  • Environmental Sustainability( for physical products)

3- Overlay the asset on your image so we can see it on your face. If you are not comfortable sharing your face, you can use another representation of you and overlay the accessory on that or make the accessory to be hiding what you don't want to show. We just want to highlight and empower the beauty that you are with your work in our event. ( please submit the accessory as a separate file as well)

5- Go wild, break barriers, wow us with your talent! we wanna show the world how amazing you are! help us achieve that goal with you!



- Do I have to be a Digital Designer to apply?

No, all artists are welcome and supported in TFD, it's not just digital. The contest submissions can be fully physical and you can submit a picture or video of that, we will then contact you for sending the physical piece to showcase at the launch event if you get selected. There is also the option to partner with the digital designers in our community, you can join our discord or weekly Twitter spaces to meet them or contact us directly if you need assistance with matching.

- I'm new to Web3 & DAOs, do I meet the requirements to participate or join The Fashion DAO?

Of course! There is no minimum requirement on Web3 or Digital Fashion or DAO knowledge to apply. However, we highly recommend you going through the information on our Website and Social Media channels to learn more about our amazing community.

- Can you connect me with your digital designers for collaboration?

Yes, contact us on any of our social channels and we will help you.

- Where will the winners be announced and promoted?

We are hosting an amazing exclusive Fashion Soiree during the largest Web3 conference in the history, NFT.NYC. The winners will be invited to participate in our physical or virtual event to present their work and be promoted on various media channels.

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